Steve B-W photoUSESteven Lerud is the owner & operator of Lakeview Media Productions since 1994. He is the Pearl Award winner of Studio Engineer of the Year for the years 2005 through 2008.  He was also part of the Oscar award winning team for the movie short The Chub Chubs.  Steve has been the engineer on over 200 CD releases for artists including Jessie Clark, Janice Kapp Perry, Dave Tinney, Tammy Robinson, Rebecca Lopez, Senator Orrin Hatch, Fiddlesticks, Vocal Point, Joy Gardner & many more.

For the 2002 Olympics, he recorded the voices of 1621 Utah County school children for the Light Up The Land commemorative CD.  Steve has also worked with television and radio commercial producers for SCERA, Frontline Phonics, Hogle Zoo, the LDS Homefront Series, as well as industrials and audio books including Covey Leadership, SolutionsIE, Brain Garden, Tahitian Noni, Carol Tuttle – Live Your Truth, Carol Whittaker – Embrace Your Power Within, Laura Brotherson – Strengthening Marriage.

He has recorded on several video game sound tracks including titles such as: Lord of the Rings, Star Craft, Monster Truck, Xena: Warrior Princess, Barbarian Titus.

In partnership with several talented producers in the growing multimedia world, we stand ready to help make your vision a reality.

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