Studio time:
$50 pr/hr
call for student rates
Video Production:
Call us with the details for a quote
Audio Books:
$200 – 250 per finished hour

Record your audio-book in the comfort of your own home and let us take care of the rest!
We’ll help you achieve a quality home-recording setup with our consultation service, including evaluation of test samples before you start your book. We’ll take care of the editing and mastering in-house for online and CD release. We’ll even take care of uploading to your Audible account for you. Call or email for details.

Arranging and Live recording services also available,  call or email for quotes.

        $1.00 per CD
        $1.25 per DVD
(material cost can vary, these are current as of September 2017)

USB drives for project archives can be purchased for approximately $80 at Best Buy or similar stores… we highly recommend purchasing and archiving your project if you wish to revisit it in the future.   We usually keep files on our archive drives after completion for at least a year, at which point they may be removed.

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