Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen is a multi-award winning record producer, composer/arranger, and recording artist living on a ranch in Utah with his wife Beverly, four kids and eight horses.

Independent Album Production and Promotion

Greg produces and arranges his client’s customer-financed independent album and song projects, writes original film music, and composes and arranges sheet music. He is the ONLY regional record producer who helps with everything that comes AFTER the studio, as well as in the studio. If Greg accepts your project, you receive career counseling, production of your project, post production marketing assistance, licensing, distribution and promotion help through the many tools under Greg’s disposal. Some of these may include Meridian Magazine, where he is a columnist and music reveiwer, BYU Studies, where Greg is also a music reviewer, and a site devoted to LDS music downloads and sheet music:

Mentoring Program
Due to the volume of demos Greg receives, he has created a Mentoring Program for songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists desiring to further their careers and gain additional opportunities in the music industry.

This multi-tiered program encompasses everything from personal song reviews, to full artist development and album concept and creation, promotion, marketing and concert production, for a limited number deemed ready for independent production. Possibilities include singles, mini-albums, complete albums, or potential signing to Eagle Springs Records for top artists Greg discovers. Retail and distribution channels are also made available to those he endorses. For more info click here.

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